Episode 92: Religious Liberty and Artistic Freedom

Wedding cakes for gay marriages and contraceptives for Christian craft stores. What would Jesus bake? And for whom? Religious liberty, artistic freedom, and …the end of western civilization?!?   Listen to the episode | Download this episode | Find this episode on iTunes  

Episode 91: Democracies and Missionaries with Andy Crouch!

Do you prefer your movie Satans with or without eyebrows? And journalist and author Andy Crouch joins Skye and Phil to discuss remarkable new research showing a direct connection between healthy democracies and Protestant missionaries. What?? Pith helmets and Bibles saved the world?!? It was the BEGINNING of Western civilization!!   Listen to the episode | Download this episode | Find this episode on iTunes  

Episode 90: Cadillac Ads and Anachronistic Camels!

Is it wrong to go to church without your clothes on? Should more Christians be complaining about Cadillac’s new TV ads? Do anachronistic camels disprove the book of Genesis? (If I had a nickel for every time I’ve said “anachronistic camels”…) You’ve got questions! We’ve got answers! This week on the podcast!   Listen to the episode | Download this episode | Find this episode on iTunes  

Adventures in Atheist-Land

Well, that was educational.  I’ve spent a good part of the last month engaging in conversations with a number of atheist bloggers on a number of atheist bloggy sites and, frankly, I can see why the “faithful” and the “faithless” aren’t seeing eye to eye.  We simply see the world through completely different lenses.  Or screens.  Or filters.  Or something. At times the difference in assumptions and worldview made me Read More...

Ham on Nye Post Mortem

Well, that could have been worse.  Last night at the Creation Museum in Kentucky, young earth creationist (YEC) ringleader Ken Ham took on children’s TV personality and playfully bow-tied atheist Bill Nye in a debate to – once and for all – settle the matter of whether or not YEC is a valid model for explaining origins.  Suffice it to say, the matter was not settled. And, for reasons I Read More...

Episode 87: The Future and What it Means For Us Today

It’s a book release party on the podcast! Skye’s new book “Futureville” is out, and the ensuing discussion blows Christian’s mind (Phil had already read the book, so his mind was pre-blown). Do we truly have a biblical understanding of the future? If we did, how would it change how we view our lives and our work here today? Don’t miss it!   Listen to the episode | Download this Read More...