Episode 99: The Christian Movie Marketplace with guest Camerin Courtney

British Prime Minister David Cameron and Louisiana try to out-Christian each other, and journalist Camerin Courtney joins the gang to discuss the state of Christians and all the Christiany movies we’re supposed to really really like (“Heaven is for Real,” “God’s Not Dead”) or really really hate (“Noah”). Can’t we just go see the movies we WANT to see?   Listen to the episode | Download this episode | Find Read More...

Episode 97: Peter Boghossian and the Reasonableness of “Faith”

A few months ago Phil reviewed the new book “A Manuel for Creating Atheists” by Dr. Peter Boghossian, and took issue with Bogghossian’s definition of “faith.” Numerous supporters of the book engaged the issue, and a lively debate continued online for more than a month. Several defenders challenged Phil to have the author on the podcast to explain his position, so this week Phil is joined by Dr. Peter Bogghossian Read More...

Episode 96: World Vision, Movies, and More!

The gang discusses World Vision’s controversial new policy. Then, the day after the show is taped and in the can, World Vision changes back. Oops! No time to retape, so we’re a little out of date. But we also have a lively discussion about Phil’s favorite recent movies and Skye’s theology of work. No podcast next week as everyone heads off for spring break!   Listen to the episode | Read More...

Episode 94: Ground Zero Cross Debate and Cosmos!

Stephen Colbert wades into the Ground Zero cross debate, and Phil’s got a bone to pick with the new version of the old Carl Sagan mini-series, “Cosmos.” Can’t we cheer for science without jeering at religion?? Really??? Is it THAT hard?!?   Listen to the episode | Download this episode | Find this episode on iTunes  

Missed Opportunity – The Failure of the New “Cosmos”

  I like science. Really I do.  Scientific inquiry and human ingenuity have given us everything from the wheel to the cure for polio to the iPhone.  What’s not to like about human ingenuity? And I generally liked Carl Sagan’s Cosmos – the multi-episode science spectacular that aired on PBS when I was in high school some thirty years ago.  It was clear that Carl Sagan really, really liked science, Read More...

Episode 92: Religious Liberty and Artistic Freedom

Wedding cakes for gay marriages and contraceptives for Christian craft stores. What would Jesus bake? And for whom? Religious liberty, artistic freedom, and …the end of western civilization?!?   Listen to the episode | Download this episode | Find this episode on iTunes  

Episode 91: Democracies and Missionaries with Andy Crouch!

Do you prefer your movie Satans with or without eyebrows? And journalist and author Andy Crouch joins Skye and Phil to discuss remarkable new research showing a direct connection between healthy democracies and Protestant missionaries. What?? Pith helmets and Bibles saved the world?!? It was the BEGINNING of Western civilization!!   Listen to the episode | Download this episode | Find this episode on iTunes