Welcome to memory lane!  History, facts and fun about Big Idea Productions and the people who made it a really interesting place to work for 10 breathtaking, sometimes terrifying years.


I’m writing the history bit by bit, and not particularly in order.  (It’s avant garde.)


  • There was a back stairway in Big Idea’s old space in the Yorktown Mall that mysteriously became covered with grafitti over our 3 year stay.  Since that space will soon be gutted, the artwork can now only be seen here…
  • This collection of pictures of the evacuated space in Lombard was provided by Paul Tader.  It’s a little less chipper than Joe’s collection, but history must be preserved.  Thanks Paul!


  • We recorded the score for Jonah in the chapel of a former Catholic seminary in Seattle.  I cut this little film out of footage I shot mostly just for fun, but now it’s a great way to remember the team that made the score happen.  Features past and present Bippers Mike, Kurt Hienecke, John Wahba (who doesn’t like “Taco Time” tacos), David Pitts, Adam Frick, Laura Richey and Jonah producer Ameake Owens. Check it out…