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Author: Phil Vischer

pisode 283: What’s Going On With Evangelicals and Same-Sex Marriage With Jonathan Merritt

Christian is back with Phil and Skye to discuss new research that says evangelicals aren’t as anti-science as we’ve been led to believe. Plus, Phil discovers something disturbing about avocados. Skye then interviews journalist Jonathan Merritt about the biggest stories of 2017—including the growing number of evangelical leaders now affirming same-sex marriage and the split between elite and populist Christians over Trump. Will these trends continue in 2018? Check out Faithblox here Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 282: Telling Stories From the Middle w/Andrew Peterson & Chris Wall

Too much artistic expression in America lives at the extremes – either completely secular or overwhelmingly, explicitly Christian. What about stories from the middle? Stories iIlluminated by the Christian narrative without being so, you know, “Christiany?” Singer/songwriter/author Andrew Peterson and his producing partner Chris Wall join Phil and Skye to talk about Peterson’s Wingfeather Saga fantasy books and the effort to bring them to the screen as an animated series. Plus… Phil and Skye discuss nostalgia for Christian pop culture, and a secret message from the past hidden in a very strange place. (No video this week – listen...

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Episode 281: From Pastor to Prisoner and Back w/Nephtali Matta

This is our last episode for 2017… Phil is taking a break to focus on some writing projects… and the holidays with his family! This week! Phil and Skye talk about their biggest stories of the year and movies they’ve enjoyed recently. (Plus the movie Phil suggested to his wife that he now regrets!) Then they’re joined by Koinonia House Ministry Director Nephtali Matta, who shares his story of full-time pastoral ministry, followed by time in prison, followed by a new ministry to ex-cons after his own painful reintegration to society. Don’t miss it! Go here to learn more...

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Episode 280: Vampire Churches and Hibernating Turtles

What exactly are “vampire churches,” and why does Skye believe they’re sucking the life out of American Christianity? How can “effectiveness” and “ambition” be the enemies of ministry? And why can’t Phil stop talking about turtles?? Phil and Skye discuss Skye’s new book, Immeasurable. And turtles. This week on the podcast! (Due to a technical glitch, there is no video on YouTube this week. Terribly sorry. Picture us in your minds. Phil is wearing dark purple. Skye is bald. Christian is missing. Go.) Check out Faithblox here Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 279: Mailbag Podcast

It’s a pre-Thanksgiving mailbag podcast, as the gang sits down to answer your questions. From favorite Thanksgiving foods to thoughts about guns in church and the “Mike Pence Rule.” Plus… is Phil ready to give up on the label “evangelical,” or is he still holding onto hope?? Grab a turkey leg and listen in! Check out Faithblox here Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 278: Writing Hymns & Singing Together w/Keith Getty

Irish composer Keith Getty has been writing modern hymns like “In Christ Alone” for two decades, and now he’s written – wait for it – a BOOK! About singing! Keith joins Phil and Skye on the podcast to talk worship music, singing together, and how to stay focused on God when everyone around you wants another HIT worship song. PLUS – Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Louis C.K. Hollywood has been behaving very badly, and Phil and Skye ponder if it’s a new thing, or a very, very old thing made visible in a new way. Come on along for...

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Episode 277: Throwback “Sticky Faith” with Guest Kara Powell!

We’ve all heard the stats about kids leaving the faith when they head for college – but why? And what would have made their faith more “sticky?” Has anyone done any actual research on this? Kara Powell has! Fuller Youth Institute Executive Director Kara Powell joins the gang to discuss her research and her book – Sticky Faith! Check out Faithblox here Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 276: Media, Mars & Read Schuchardt

10 kids, no TV, no cell phone, no internet.  Life with the Amish?  A zombie apocalypse?  Nope – just another day in the life of Read Schuchardt, a professor of media ecology who definitely practices what he preaches!  Plus, Phil and Skye discuss a new “giant sucking sound” in American demographics and Phil, yet again, attempts to convince us we really, REALLY don’t want to live on Mars.  This week on the podcast! Check out Faithblox here Listen to the episode | Download the episode | Find this episode on...

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Episode 275: Christians and Culture w/Miroslav Volf

So… Phil and a Croatian Protestant theologian walk into a bar…. Oh, you’ve heard that one? Author/theologian/Yale professor Miroslav Volf sits down with Phil to talk about Christians in culture and his new book Public Faith in Action: How to Engage with Commitment, Conviction, and Courage. What follows is a fascinating conversation about Volf’s arguments for religion in a globalized world, plus what discourages and encourages him about the North American church today. And how his fountain pen explains his view of God and Creation. He’s a bright guy and it’s a lot of fun! This week on the...

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Episode 274: Shooting the Breeze w/NT Wright

Phil and Skye sit down with N.T. Wright for a fun and fascinating conversation with the world-renowned author and theologian. What does Wright think of the North American church? Why do modern gender issues remind him of ancient Gnosticism? Why is Phil singing show tunes to a famous theologian? What would Wright put on a billboard if he could require everyone to read one message? What is it he think kids Bibles get wrong that makes him want to write his own? All this and more! Plus… Bladerunner 2049 makes Phil think deep thoughts. And dogs are people too....

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