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JellyTelly news

Hey y'all – remember JellyTelly?  Yep, our website "mini-network/tv show" for kids.  Well, my cohorts here at Jellyfish Labs have been working on a new version in partnership with Focus on the...

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Welcome to 2010!

This is going to be an interesting year.  For lots of people, I'm sure, but especially for me and my cohorts at Jellyfish Labs.  JellyTelly is up and running with our partner Focus on the Family, trying out a new...

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JellyTelly – chapter 2!

Some of you have no doubt noticed some changes at JellyTelly over the weekend.  As of last Friday, Focus on the Family has taken over the technical backend of the site in addition to handling marketing and funding.  To...

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A milestone

Hey hey… another momentous day.  I haven't posted in a bit because we've been insanely busy here in the lab.  As of last night, we finished the first DVD for our new series – "What's in the...

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Big News

All right… time to let the cats out of the bag.  I haven't been blogging a whole lot lately because #1 – I'm really not all that talkative in general, and #2 – we've been really busy with some...

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Stuffed Jelly

This is just too cute.  This is John, a 3 year-old fan of JellyTelly.  He likes JellyTelly soooo much that his grandmother made him a stuffed Jelly to hug!  I want one, too!Thanks to John's dad Dave for...

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Today’s the day…

We launched a new show on JellyTelly today (Tuesday the 21st) called The Fantastic World.  It's pretty darn silly.  Go check it out and let us know what you think!  We'll be running new episodes every...

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New stuff on JellyTelly?

Okay, so I just finished telling you how we don't have the money for new shows for JellyTelly, and now here I am back again to tell you about a new show coming to JellyTelly!  Weird, huh?We bumped into two brothers...

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