Someone asked if we could offer print-at-home JellyTelly gift cards for Christmas, so JellyTelly community member Kyle Goodman whipped some up, based on the great designs he did for our Christmas JellyTelly promos.  (Thanks, Kyle!)

So here's how it works:  If you want to give your kids or your friends (or your friend's kids) a JellyTelly subscription for Christmas, you can subscribe using your email address and pick a unique user name and password for your child or your friend.  Then you print out one of Kyle's cute gift cards on a color printer, fold it up, write in the user name and password, and hide it under the tree.  It's just that easy!

Real gift subscriptions through the site will be coming in the next month or so, but not in time for Christmas.  So in the meantime, Kyle's solution works pretty well.  (And they're darn cute, to boot!)

Start downloading, and have yourself a ball.  (Hey… maybe we can do whole kids books this way!  "Get out the paste, Grandma!  We're scrapbookin'!")

Gift Card – Bulbs

Gift Card – Snow Angel

Gift Card – Snow Globe