We've had a breakthrough… the gremlins have thrown in the towel… Tim has emerged from his office, sweaty but victorious!  Everything appears to be working correctly.  I say "appears," because Tim doesn't want to turn the site on until he has run several real credit cards through the process.  Which he would be doing right now, except that he has an elder's meeting in five minutes.  (Yes, Tim is an elder at our church.  He's very wise for his age.  Like Yoda.  Except a lot younger.  And better at HTML.)

Since skipping an elder's meeting for the purpose of credit card processing seems less than Christian, he will resume testing later tonight after the meeting, and open up the site shortly thereafter.  (Assuming the testing goes well, of course.)

Our little jelly guy has thrown down about 6 Red Bulls now, and has made a mess of the office kitchen.  Oh well.  All for the sake of ministry.

Sometime tonight… perhaps while you sleep… JellyTelly will spring to life.  And the rest of our lives will begin.

Oh, and tomorrow we'll elect a new President.  But mostly we'll be thinking about JellyTelly.

Jelly on!