Hey ho – after much tweaking, What's in the Bible #3 has left the building!  It's off to the duplicators and should be in stores before Father's Day.  The fearsome beasts of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy have been slayed, and, hopefully, rendered at least moderately understandable for kids!  (We'll see how that goes once they get to watch it, of course.)

Speaking of kids, we just picked up this great quote from a mom blog…

I need to tell Phil Vischer that my son pulled out the Bible from the hotel nightstand drawer and started reading.  When I asked him if he was reading a particular passage, he said, “I’m reading Leviticus because Buck Denver’s going to talk about that in the next DVD and I want to be ready.”

Is that cool or what?

I'm off to write #4 – Joshua, Judges and Ruth are next!