Hey hey… another momentous day.  I haven't posted in a bit because we've been insanely busy here in the lab.  As of last night, we finished the first DVD for our new series – "What's in the Bible?"  And, even better, it looks really good!  We've taken all the techniques we've developed for our puppet shorts and little animated things like Quacky and Alfred Wilberwale, and expanded them to 25-minute episodes.  Each DVD will have two 25-minute episodes, that will sequentially walk kids through the Bible.  And the first DVD – as of about 10:30 last night – is done!

We're just finishing up bonus features today (including real, genuine outtakes because when you flub your lines with real, genuine puppets you get real, genuine outtakes).  What's more, the second DVD in the series should be finished in about 2 weeks so we can have both DVDs in Christian bookstores next March.  That's the plan at the moment, anyway – I'll let you know if it changes.

We're pretty excited, though, because what we're doing – in very different ways – may be as ground-breaking as that first VeggieTales episode back in 1993.  What I really love about this project is just how educational it is.  You learn a ton from these episodes.  (In fact, the guy who's doing our DVD design got an early copy of a script and emailed back to say he was learning new things about the Bible just by reading the script!)  We're going for a style somewhat similar to classic Disney TV episodes from the 50s and 60s where Walt and his animators would teach America about space travel or nuclear power in ways that were so entertaining the nation couldn't help but learn. It's fun stuff!  Can't wait for you to see it!

Gotta go film Buck Denver for the DVD menus…