I just got back to Wheaton after two days of veggie recording in Nashville, which was a bit grueling.  We recorded the next veggie video and a veggie worship album in one trip.  I think I spent 12 hours in a sound booth yelling and singing over a two day period.  Hack!  Argh.  (Remember "Bill the Cat" from the comic strip Bloom County?  The wacked-out cat that would just sit around with his eyes bugging out saying "Ack!  Spit!  Arck!" and things like that?  That's me today.  I'm Bill the Cat.)

Then I got to the airport in Nashville last night to find all the flights to Chicago canceled due to a snowstorm.  So I spent the night in a hotel next to the airport, twitching and "acking" with my eyes bugged out.  Like Bill the Cat.  Don't you hate it when you discover your flight has been cancelled right AFTER you turn in your rental car?  I could have gone to a movie or something.  But no.  No car.  So I just sat in a hotel room and "acked."

Here's a picture of me in the hotel last night after two days of recording… 

Bill the Cat

I was holding out the hat trying to raise money for a rental car so I could go see a movie.  No takers.  Everyone thought I had rabies so they stayed away.

The recording went well, though, and it was good to see the veggie gang.  Kinda bittersweet, since some of them were in their last few days of Big Idea employment.  It sounds like many of them will get a shot at freelance work on future Big Idea projects, so their veggie time may not be completely over.

In other news, for some reason Entertainment Rights' stock dropped yesterday from 0.8 pence per share to 0.05 pence per share.  That's an 88% drop, in case you're keeping score.  In one day.  The weird thing is there weren't any news items that I'm aware of that could have spooked the market like that.  I don't know why it happened.  Today the price jumped back up to 0.3 pence.  (A 500% gain!)  Bizarrely, overnight the market was valuing VeggieTales, 3-2-1 Penguins, Lassie, The Lone Ranger, Casper, Postman Pat and everything else owned by Entertainment Rights at only $700,000.  That's less than many of the single family homes around us here in Wheaton.  That reflected a 52-week decline in values of 99.6%.  Kind of astonishing.

Hopefully the stock price will stabilize long enough for the team in New York and Franklin to get some new ideas off the ground.  Bob and Larry aren't dead yet… they're just resting.

Crazy times…

Ack.  Cough.  Gonna go home and watch a movie with my kids… jelly on!