Sorry for the delay since my last post – I've been rather busy trying to make sure JellyTelly doesn't die before it even gets to launch.  The good news is that we now have a commitment to be funded by October 10th!  Awesome!  We have just one more legal document that needs to be agreed upon between now and then, so pray that this happens without a hitch and that the money really does show up on October 10th.

We've had a number of you write in to say "How can we donate money to help JellyTelly?"  First of all, thanks for the enthusiasm!  We love it!  (And desperately need it if this ministry is to succeed.)  Since we've decided, at this point anyway, not to set up JellyTelly as a 501c3 charity (like a church or a World Relief-type ministry), we can't really accept donations, per se.  But we're trying to see if we can set up a 'beta' version of JellyTelly in the next few weeks so fans can go ahead and start subscribing.  It won't be the full, final site, but it will be a good way to start getting our content in front of people, build an audience and get some good fan feedback on what we're doing.

We've got about 95% of our 3rd party content in now, and enough of our own original content done to get the beta site up and running.  Tim Johnson (our Jelly web/business guy) is slaving away on the beta site as I write this.  Everyone cheer him on together so we can get this party started.  (Go ahead… say, "Go Tim!"  Great.  That helped.)

So stay tuned.  We're going to get something in front of you as quick as we can!