Well, we're off and running, working like busy little beavers here in the lab.  Tim had to take some time away from the beta site development to make sure our new company (Jellyfish Media) was all set up and able to pay bills.  Now he's back at the site.  Bill is feeding the rest of our programming into the servers, and Liz is starting to lay out all that programming into weekly schedules.

As for me, I'm just sitting back eating bon bons.  Ha!  Not really.  (Though my friend Daren Streblow did send us a whole bunch of Lindt truffles to celebrate our funding.  Thanks Daren!  Now we're all sugar-buzzed!)

I've been watching some of our first assembled days of programming and tweaking what we've got.  I decided last week we need a little song to start each day and another little song to wrap up each day, so I wrote those last week and we're finishing them up this week.  Paul Conrad (the fifth jelly) is creating the art for the new welcome song, and then we'll key the puppets into the art.

As we watch some of this stuff play out for the first time, I'm realizing what we're creating is really somewhere inbetween a show and a network.  It feels a little bit like a small Nickelodeon and a little bit like Sesame Street, since it isn't just an "endless" stream of programming, but has a start and a finish each day.  Hence, I decided it needed songs to start and end each day.  Anyway, I'm eager to see what you all think of it.

We could really use more segments about missionary kids and relief workers in other parts of the world.  If you know missionaries with kids in the field who might be interested in shooting some footage for us, let us know.  We want to show kids the church at work in the world, and that's something we can't just shoot here with puppets.  (Well, we could, but it would lack a certain… um… "authenticity.")  So help us out, if you can!

We're hoping… really hoping… that we might be able to open up the beta site for you all to start testing by the end of next week.  I'll let you know more early next week.

It's time for me to go eat a truffle…er, I mean, get back to work.

Jelly on!