There is a lot going on around here this days… this week we're assembling What's in the Bible #5, and I just sent out the script for #6 to our content review board.  I spent the day Wednesday speaking with digital media students at Huntington University in Indiana – ex-Big Idea artists Steve Leeper and Bryan Ballinger have built a really good program there and now have about 120 students pursuing digital media.  They're making stop motion films, as well as computer-based production.  Very cool!

I did a Q&A session with all the digital media/film students on their brand new green screen stage, which is WAY better than our little stage here where we shoot puppets!  That evening I spoke at an all-school event, which was also a lot of fun.

I got back from Huntington late Wednesday night, then spent 5 1/2 hours Thursday in a recording booth for about five different VeggieTales projects.  Whoo!  That'll wear a fella out!  (I'm still a little hoarse, two days later…)

And next week is big, because on Tuesday we officially launch the church version of What's in the Bible – a full church curriculum project that adapts the teaching of our DVDs for Sunday School use.  If you're interested in such things, check it out here.

Do us a favor and send your children's ministry leader to check out the new site and the new content.  It's time to take our kids a little deeper into the Bible!

Back to work…