Hey hey – we're "partying" here at Jellyfish Labs because we just got a new camera for our studio!  Hurray!  Here is Jellyfish editor/director Bill Ebel setting up the new camera…

new camera

If you look closely you'll see Buck Denver on the tiny screen on the camera.  Buck gamely volunteered to stand in while Bill got the new camera up and running.  (He's very generous with his time that way.  He'll just stand there for hours if you ask him nicely.)

For you production guys, the new camera is a Panasonic HPX-300, replacing our old HVX-200.  Obviously the new camera is much better than the old, because "300" is a bigger number than "200."  So it's at least 50% better.  And "P" is a better letter than "V," because "P" stands for "Phil."  And that's me.

The new camera gives us much lower noise and somewhat higher resolution, both of which will help as we attempt to composite increasingly complex scenes.  So we're all quite happy.  (Especially Buck.  He's hoping the new camera will make him look 10 years younger.)

You may be asking, "Hey Phil – how did you guys buy a new camera?  Aren't you broke and penniless trying to land your new deals to keep JellyTelly going?"  Well, that's the other part of the celebration on "New Camera" day.  We've got funding for JellyTelly!  After about 5 months of searching and proposing and negotiating, we've recently signed two deals with two major partners that will keep JellyTelly and Jellyfish Labs going and growing for at least another 2-3 years!  Whoohoo!  That's almost as exciting as a new camera!  Wait – it's MORE exciting than a new camera!

I'll fill you in on our new partners and our new deals as soon as I can.  (I have to wait until the partners issue their press releases about the deals first.  It's "protocol.")

 But thanks for all your prayers and support.  I think we're on to something here.  Can't wait to tell you more…