Okay everybody… here it is.  We've just posted the "official" JellyTelly demo video for all the world to see at www.jellytelly.com.  It's a 28 minute video where I explain the concept behind our new mini TV network and then show some sample programming.  Today the first press release hits the wire, which will also send people to watch the new video.   It's time to get this plane off the ground.

So what do I need from you?  Simple:  Help spread the word.  Every dollar we have to spend telling people about JellyTelly is a dollar we can't spend on shows for JellyTelly.  So the more you help spread the word, the more money we can put into shows instead of ads.  So go check out the new demo at www.jellytelly.com and then tell your friends

So check it out!  www.jellytelly.com!  And then email the link to your friends, relatives, neighbors, children's pastors, babysitters, dog walkers, Presidential candidates… you name it.  We're planting a seed here, we need you all to help water it!

www.jellytelly.com!  It's time to get this party started!