It's Friday morning, and here's the latest:  As of mid-day yesterday, all our legal documents are approved!  Yahoo!  We're forming a new company called Jellyfish Media to take in the investment and launch JellyTelly.  (This way Jellyfish Labs will still be free to create new ideas that aren't all tangled up with JellyTelly or the JellyTelly investment.)  So Jellyfish Media is being formed today, but we can't yet except the investment funds because Jellyfish Media doesn't have a bank account.  We'll sign the papers setting up the new bank account this afternoon.

So the soonest the funds can be wired into the new bank account is Monday, except, of course, for the fact that Monday is a bank holiday.  Ha!  So we're looking at Tuesday for funding.

So unless something very bad happens over the weekend or on Monday (which, considering the fact that the world financial system appears to be melting down and Iceland and California are both on the verge of bankruptcy, may not be entirely out of the question), it appears JellyTelly is officially a "go" and will be funded and operating next Tuesday.  Can I get an 'amen'?

Tim and Bill are kicking butt with the demo site, which could be up and ready for a few of you to start testing within a week.  Pretty cool, eh?  I'm off to the studio to film some puppets saying things like "Coming up next…" and "Don't touch that dial!" Have puppets ever been given their own TV network before?  I don't think so.  History is being made here today!

Stay tuned for more…