A new site!

Yeah, I've been a little lax about updating my site lately.  It's because I've been busy.  Doing what, you ask?  Making a new site!  A Jellyfish site!

As you probably know, I've recently launched a new company called "Jellyfish" with several of my old Big Idea buds.  Well, now we're online with the official Jellyfish website, www.jellyfishland.com.  This will be the place to find out all about the goings on at Jellyfish Labs here in Wheaton, IL.  We'll also be posting short films and introducing new characters at the site, so it will be much more than just press releases about our new projects.

There isn't much there yet, but we're just getting started.  You'll need the latest Flash player to see the video content, but it's a free download so it's definitely worth the trouble.

Hope you enjoy it!