Some of you have no doubt noticed some changes at JellyTelly over the weekend.  As of last Friday, Focus on the Family has taken over the technical backend of the site in addition to handling marketing and funding.  To attempt to pay for all of this, they have re-activated the subscription model.  For those of you who remember back to the beginning, JellyTelly was always supposed to be a subscription site, because that seemed like the only viable way to pay for the content we needed to create.  After a two month-long trial, we dropped subscriptions and just opened the site up for free while we looked around for a partner to help keep things going.

Well, we now have a partner, we're conceiving new programming, and we need some kind of revenue stream to recover some of the money we're spending.  So the subscription model has returned!  If this works, of course, it will allow us to pay for all sorts of great Christian content for you kids.

A few people have already written in, complaining that they liked JellyTelly better when it was free.  Well, free is fun, but it isn't really sustainable.  Others had written in complaining that they hadn't seen much new programming on JellyTelly this year, and that would go hand-in-hand with the fact that the site has generated zero revenue since we made it free.  No revenue equals no money for new programming.  This is one of the rules of the universe.  In fact, had Focus on the Family not stepped in when they did, probably would have gone dark 3 or 4 months ago, because we were plum out of cash.

So hurray!  We're still here!  But reality is upon us, and we need to generate some revenue in order to fund new programming.  So starting last Friday, certain areas of the site are open to everyone for free, but access to the entire site requires a subscription of $4.99 per month.  This might sound like a lot, until you realize that memberships at popular sites like Club Penguin, Disney's ToonTown and others are all $5.99 per month and higher.  With Focus on the Family covering all our expenses while we try to generate subscription income, we'll be creating all sorts of new programming and games to throw your way!  So sign up!  Help us make something really cool for your kids!  Buck Denver's gotta eat!  (Well, not really… but you get my drift.)

The "free lunch" is over, but dinner is on its way and it's going to be delicious!  (Did that make any sense?  I'm not sure – but it's the best I could do on short notice…)