Hey y'all – remember JellyTelly?  Yep, our website "mini-network/tv show" for kids.  Well, my cohorts here at Jellyfish Labs have been working on a new version in partnership with Focus on the Family, and it has launched in beta.  You can check it out here.

The whole site has been rebuilt to be more flexible, to allow more content to be posted more rapidly, and to let folks (like you!) give feedback and help improve the site more easily.  We're still working on the revenue model (meaning, the "how do we make money off of this so we can keep it going?" model).  The beta version of the new site is free for now – and we're going to experiment with A) letting people support it with donations rather than subscriptions, B) letting other ministries support the site in exchange for promotional references, C) having a free version, and then subscription access to a "deluxe" version, and D) anything else we can think of.

We still believe there is a need for an online experience like this, we just aren't sure we've hit on the winning formula quite yet.  So on we go!  If at first you do not succeed, try, try again!

Anyway, check out the new site and give us some feedback.  We hope you like what we're doing!