"Hey Phil!  Enough with the Olympics and the sports and all that!  What's up with JellyTelly, our favorite as-of-yet-unlaunched kids network?!?"

Oh!  Good question!  Glad you asked!  Well, we're in the final stages of collecting all our programming for the first season of JellyTelly.  It's going a bit slower than we would like, primarily because some of the producers of Christian children's programs that we're working with have more or less gotten out of the business (due to some of the very same economic issues we're trying to solve with JellyTelly) and they're having a hard time digging up all the content we need.  ("Where did we put those masters?  Back in 1998 when we got out of this infernal business?")

So that's slowing us down a bit.  Our own internal programming is coming together pretty well – just a few more things to wrap-up and we'll be good to go there.  But about half of our programming is coming from partners, and that's been a bit of a slow go.

On the finance front, we're very, very close to having all our season 1 financing in place.  I was really hoping to be able to announce "We're done!  We're all funded!" by yesterday or today, but we're still waiting for lawyers to sign off on a few legal terms.

I love legal terms.

Anyway… God-willing, early next week we should be able to announce that we're good to go.

While I've got your attention, I'll be speaking in chapel at Baylor University Monday morning.  If you're a Baylor student, swing by and say 'hi'!

More news soon…