Well, the new JellyTelly creative community site is turning into a whole lotta fun… sign up and check it out if you want to, even if it's just to watch the videos people are creating and posting.

Things are really starting to come together for JellyTelly – we just finished putting together the "official" JellyTelly demo video that will get posted online in about two weeks, in time for the International Christian Retail Show (aka "ICRS" formerly the "CBA" convention).  The video walks through the concept and shows a bunch of sample programming.  We haven't yet issued the first press release to the Christian press, but Christian Retailing magazine couldn't wait and went ahead and broke the story after reading the details on my blog.  (You can read it here.)  I guess you can't really keep your story out of the press once you start blogging about it…

The bulk of our 3rd party programming has now committed, so the Fall schedule for JellyTelly is shaping up nicely.  We've also been running around Wheaton shooting more stuff of our own.

Can't wait to show you all this!

The Vischers are off on vacation for a week, then I'll be in Orlando for the International Christians in Visual Media conference (ICVM) and the big Christian retail show (ICRS).  Look me up if you'll be there.  I hope you're enjoying a summer full of acronyms as well.