First, about the rumored Big Idea sale… no official confirmation that Big Idea is for sale, but the story is now appearing all over the place and in such reputable places as Variety.  So there is something there.  It could be that someone in London is just dangling a carrot, to see what sort of nibbles they get.

Several of you have asked if I might be able to buy Big Idea back.  Well, that sure would be a lot of fun, but I don't have that kind of access to capital at the moment.  I'm pretty sure God wants me to focus on launching something new right now that can help the next generation of kids.  Of course if Bob and Larry were to magically show up at my door in a basket, that would be awesome.  But I don't think I'm supposed to spend a lot of time or energy chasing them around the world – at least not right now.

Moving on to JellyTelly – I had a great meeting this morning where I got to pitch JellyTelly to the children's pastors of several of the largest churches in America, and the response was extremely encouraging.  Everyone recognizes that churches can only do so much with the 1 hour per week they get with their kids, and having an ally like JellyTelly that can continue to reinforce those lessons every single day is extremely appealing.  We're even exploring techniques that might allow churches to customize JellyTelly content to match what they're teaching to their own kids, so we'd be literally reinforcing what they heard on Sunday every day of the week.  "Connecting the dots" between Sundays is a major goal here, and working with some of these larger churches who reach thousands of families and have the resources to even produce their own content for JellyTelly… now things start to get really interesting.

That in mind, we've just launched a new website to serve as a sort of "social network" for everyone working to create content for JellyTelly.  All our conversations about technical stuff and production opportunities will move to that site, and my blog here will focus more on the status of what we're doing and the mission of what we're doing.  So if you're interested in making stuff for JellyTelly or even just seeing the stuff others are making (and rating things so they can get "voted" onto JellyTelly), go to this Jellyfish Labs website and sign up as a member of the new JellyTelly creative community.

See ya there!  (But keep coming back here for general news about JellyTelly!)