I’ve been rebuilding the site and it’s not quite done, but close enough to turn on and release to a world which is, no doubt, on pins and needles to see what has become of Phil Vischer’s virtual presence online.

No doubt.  The entire world.

Anyhoo – here it is.  Or what there is of it so far.  It will be changing over the next few weeks as I add stuff and tweak stuff and discover stuff that’s horribly, embarrassingly wrong and attempt to fix it.

You can now sign-up for my newsletters by clicking that box to the right with my cartoonified mug on it.  So that’s new!  And it’s much easier to find stuff – old posts and such.  And sort through podcasts.  I’ll start to put my books and videos up here too.  Just as soon as I get to it …

In the meantime, enjoy the new site!