Hey y'all… we're in the midst of transition with JellyTelly as we make another attempt at turning it into a self-sustaining ministry through subscriptions, and we've got some new content headed your way.  Buck Denver is still taping his weekly show, "Buck's Mail Bag," and we never cease to be amazed at the questions kids write in for Buck to answer.  New episodes of that show are up every Monday, so be sure to check them out.

We're also launching a "Verse of the Week" series, that will use multiple characters and settings to teach kids one verse each week, and explain it's meaning.  We think this is a really great way to bring the Bible to life for kids, and help them "hide it in their hearts."

"Michael's Movie Reviews" have been a big hit with kids, so we just finished shooting a new series of shorts with Michael called "Michael's Favorite Things."  We're also just finishing 13 new episodes of "God's Amazing Animals with Clive & Ian."  Look for all these new episodes on JellyTelly in the next couple of weeks!  And don't miss "The 12 Questions of Christmas," a series we produced last year that was so well-received we've brought it back again!  Who says you can't learn anything on the internet?  Well, okay, I'm not sure anyone has every said that… but if they did, we're proving them wrong!  With hand puppets!

(Speaking of which, a kid wrote in last week and asked Buck if he was a "finger puppet" or a "hand puppet."  Buck looks down at his hands and says, "Since I have no fingers, I must be a hand puppet."  It's in the episode that airs this week or next week… I can't remember which.)

So get your kids in front of JellyTelly!  They'll learn new verse!  They'll learn about animals!  Hannah Montana can't touch this stuff!

In related news, I'm locking myself away next week to write the 3rd DVD in our "What's in the Bible?" series.  Amazing!  Number three already!  The first two DVDs will hit Christian bookstores next March, and they're really, really fun and incredibly educational.  My kids are quoting their favorite lines around the house, and even grown-ups who have seen the first episode are saying they're learning new things about the Bible.  I can't wait for you all to see them!

Jelly on, friends!