Okay, so I just finished telling you how we don't have the money for new shows for JellyTelly, and now here I am back again to tell you about a new show coming to JellyTelly!  Weird, huh?

We bumped into two brothers – really wacky brothers – (and no, not the Bentley Brothers) who were trying to make their own show.  They like what we're doing so much that they're bringing their show to JellyTelly.  Cool, huh?  The show is called "The Fantastic World" and it will premier on JellyTelly April 21.  Until then they offered to make a bunch of promos to run on the site, the first of which airs today (Monday, March 23).  So check out the Fantastic World promo on the site today.  There will be new promos every other day or so for the next month!

And check out today's Buck Denver show, which is gradually growing just from a letter show to an entire news show.  Sort of.  Today's episode clocks in at 10 minutes!  Crazy, huh?  Let me know if you like Buck's show, or if you think it's getting too long.

See ya!