Monday and Tuesday of this week (Sept. 22) I'll be in Nashville, speaking at the LifeWay National Youth Workers Conference.  If you happen to be at the event, swing by and say 'hi'!

While I'm there I also have a few JellyTelly meetings set up to see if we can break the logjam and get our funding resolved, so keep me in your prayers.  We now have almost all of the 3rd party programs in, and our own shows are nearly done.  The website is designed, it just needs to be engineered now so we can turn it on and get going.  That step costs some money – as well as all the launch marketing activities – so we still can't land on an official launch date until we have the rest of our funding resolved.  I'm still hoping our "Coming this Fall!" sign on the demo site remains true, but much more delay will make that difficult.  (Although technically winter doesn't start until December 21st, right?  So December 20th is still, technically speaking, Fall… right?  That gives us plenty of time!)

I've had several new potential funding partners emerge in the last few weeks, which is good news.  How long it might take us to come to an agreement with one of them and get funding, of course, wildly unpredictable.

Well… if it was easy, EVERYONE would be launching their own kids' networks!

Stay tuned for more news from Nashville…