Well,  What's in the Bible episodes 1 & 2 are officially out now, and we're having fun reading some of the early reviews.  This is a really cute one that a dad blogger wrote with his kids… check it out here.

I got to show the entire first DVD (nearly an hour long in total) at the Assemblies of God National Children's Ministry Conference last week in St. Louis, and the response was really good.  They all seemed very excited about working something like WITB (our internal "code" for the series) into their churches – perhaps even holding events where an entire church body comes together to watch them, which I think would be really awesome.  When I was in High School our church rented Dr. Dobson's original parenting series on 16mm film and watched it over a series of evenings as an entire congregation.  The films were just Dr. Dobson standing behind a podium talking about parenting, but the experience of watching them all together was really fun and very different from normal church life.

I'd love to hear how WITB might work in that same setting.  Anyone want to try making all-church viewing parties out of the first WITB films as a "research" project?  If you do, be sure to report back to us and tell us how it went!  We've separated all the ages in churches in the same way that cable networks separate families in their homes – kids go in this room, mom goes in this room, dad in this room.  The "communal experience" is nearly lost.  It was one of my goals for WITB from the very beginning to see if we could make something that everyone could enjoy – and learn from – together.  Kids will retain what they've learned in church much better if their parents have learned the same things at the same time.  "A family that learns together…" um… not sure how that's supposed to end.  Point being, let's try this out!  See if you can create an all-church event to watch WITB #1 and then let us know how it goes!

We're wrapping WITB number 3 this week, then I need to jump into number 4!  Onward and upward!