So I've got a cold.  A nasty cold.  I couldn't record VeggieTales characters to save my life right now – they'd all come out sounding like some really sick guy pretending to be VeggieTales characters.  Which isn't all that funny.

But I had to do three radio interviews this morning, one at 7:20am.  (Shout out to Toledo!  Whoo hoo!)  As if I don't sound hoarse right now at 2pm, you should have heard me when I got up at 6:50am for this interview.  So I brewed some tea, added lemon juice, and sat down for a radio interview.  And that's what I've been doing all morning.  Sipping tea and talking on the radio.  And for the most part it seems to have worked.  I didn't have a single hacking/coughing fit while I was on the radio.  Which is a good thing, because hacking/coughing fits make for very poor radio.

Hopefully my voice will be back next week so I can record the next installment of "Buck Denver's Mailbag" for JellyTelly.  We air these segments every Monday and Friday if you haven't noticed, and they're a lot of fun.  Real questions from real kids, answered by a real puppet newsman.  THAT'S comedy!  It'd be fun to take this kind of idea to television – where a puppet could act like David Letterman, reading viewer mail every night.  We'd need a puppet Paul Schaeffer to go along with him.  And a puppet band.  That could work, eh?

Anyway… we're still trying to figure out the JellyTelly thing.  Viewership continues to rise (which is a good thing – aided by exposure on Moody Radio and at several children's ministry conferences), but of course there isn't any revenue at the moment, which, my accountant tells me, may be a problem.  We're looking at options like turning the site itself into a not-for-profit venture to be supported by foundations and "viewers like you."  That may be a good option – we'll make a decision on that soon.

In vegetable news, Big Idea should find out in the next week or so whether it will have yet another new owner.  Entertainment Rights, the company that bought the company that bought Big Idea out of bankruptcy (no, that wasn't a typo), is itself in danger of collapsing and may be sold before the end of February, which is coming right up.  There are three frontrunners to buy ER according to the British business press (ER is a British company), and two of them are very familiar.  One is Hit Entertainment, the company that sued Big Idea into bankruptcy, and the other is executive Eric Ellenbogen, the fellow that bought Big Idea out of bankruptcy.

Funny how life travels in tiny little circles.  ("Gee – haven't we been down this street before?  I recognize that house… and that mailbox… and that dog… I don't know where I'm going with this metaphor… maybe I should quit while I'm ahead…")

So stay tuned!  In another week or so, Bob and Larry may have new owners and Buck Denver may have a clearer future.  We will all squish into the future together… like jellyfish… squish squish…

Tally ho.  (That's British.)