Okay, so here’s something that doesn’t happen every day…

I was in San Diego to speak at the INCM Children’s Pastor’s Conference (which was really fun, by the way), and when I got on the plane in San Diego, it was the same temperature as when I stepped off the plane in Chicago.  In February.  It was 56 degrees in both cities.  And in both cities, the weather was the top news story.  Except in Chicago folks were running around in the parks in shorts and t-shirts, and in San Diego the people on the news were huddled together in sweaters saying, “It’s freeeeeeeeezing!”

Which leads us to the lesson for the day:  Everything is relative.

Enough about the lesson for the day.  Last week was a bit hectic – I spoke Wednesday morning at Moody Bible Institute’s Founder’s Week, then hopped on a plane to chilly San Diego for the children’s pastor’s conference.  I was hoping to get some writing for JellyTelly done while I was out there, but between speaking and book-signing and numerous phone meetings, it just didn’t happen.  Hopefully I can get some writing done this week.

On the JellyTelly front, we’re still talking with potential partners about additional funding and content.  Everyone seems positive – we just need to see if we can pull a deal or two together.  In this economy, that will be an accomplishment.  If we can assemble a bit more content we may try the subscription model again, but have it tiered, so that a certain level of programming is free for everyone, and then another level requires a subscription.  We’re also looking into some sponsorship relationships.  Where will it all lead?  I have no idea.  (I’m a jellyfish… I’m a jellyfish…)

Traffic on the site has risen dramatically since we opened it up to everyone, which is good.  If we can keep it growing, we may be headed somewhere.

Buck is having a lot of fun with his new weekly show, “Buck Denver’s Mailbag,” which airs every Monday and Friday.  Check out this week’s installment, as Buck attempts to tackle some heady theological questions submitted by real kids.  Hoo boy!

Jelly on…