And it's working almost perfectly!  I say "almost" because we're having an issue where some credit cards are getting stuck if they don't authorize immediately… some technical glitch that Tim is trying to solve as we speak.  Tim estimates it affected about 30% of attempted subscribers overnight.  Hopefully we'll have that ironed out soon.

So… this is a temporary design for the site.  The real site is finally in development (thanks to the funding) and will look better and work better than this temp site.  But we wanted you to get a chance to start watching the shows and spreading the word.  Give us a few hours here to work out the credit card bug and make sure everything is working properly, then it's time to start telling your friends about JellyTelly.  Our opportunity to impact kids and make a difference in our culture is huge – and you all can play a part in this.

Now, obviously we don't have an infinite amount of programming to run on JellyTelly quite yet.  As of today we have probably 70 to 80 unique days worth of shows, where various bits and pieces will start rotating and repeating.  Some smaller elements will repeat every few weeks, while the larger shows may repeat every few months.  Within the next month or two we'll get that number up near 100 unique days.  What we need to do then, though, is start developing our new programming ideas for next year, which will require raising additional money specifically for new programming.  Raising this money will be relatively easy if we can demonstrate that lots of people are signing up and enjoying the site.

Do you see where this is going?  Simple:  The more people we can get to sign up, the easier it will be to raise the money to produce a bunch of new shows and games to make the site even better. And that's where you all come in!  If you can help us spread the word, we'll sign up more people which will make it easier to raise more money which will allow us to make next year's shows and games and really make a difference in the lives of a bunch of kids.

As you probably noticed, we weren't able to institute the "name your own price" policy right from the beginning due to technology restraints.  So we picked one low "flat" price for now, roughly half what most kids sites are charging.  If you really wanted to sign up for more, instead just get a few friends to sign up as well!  Same result!

All right… I'm going back to check on Tim.  Talk to you soon, jellyfriends.