It's time for tweaking JellyTelly!  We're making some changes based on your feedback, and you'll start to see those in the next few days.  One of the biggest requests was to be able to watch the "Sunday Movie of the Week" on more than just Sunday.  So, as some of you have noticed, we're now showing the Movies of the Week on Saturday AND Sunday, making them, I guess, "Movies of the Weekend."  The Sunday movies have proven quite popular, so we'll give you more of what you like!

We've also given Buck Denver his own Facebook page.  Look him up and become a friend – he's very social.  Certain JellyTelly shorts will soon be showing up on YouTube and GodTube as well, so spreading the Jelly is going to get easier and easier.

We've had requests from children's pastors to be able to use some of our shorts in churches, so we've launched a very simple downloads site.  It's at "" and you can purchase and download some of your favorite JellyTelly bits to incorporate into your kids ministry.  We've started out with our Bible summary segments from Sunday School Lady and the Bentley Brothers.  We'll be adding more as we get specific requests.  For those of you accustomed by buying clips for church use from Sermon Spice or Worship House for $15 to $20 a clip, you'll be happy to know we're pricing all JellyTelly clips at $4.99.  What a deal!  You can't afford not to!  We'll be adding some package pricing as well in case your church wants to buy a whole bunch of clips for a reduced price.

On top of all that, we hope to have the next version of the JellyTelly site launched in the next couple of days.  Not all the new features will be immediately available (still working on the high score mechanism, I believe), but the site will look better and work better overall.

We've been busy little beavers… er, jellyfish… here in the lab.  Oh yes, very busy…