We launched a new show on JellyTelly today (Tuesday the 21st) called The Fantastic World.  It's pretty darn silly.  Go check it out and let us know what you think!  We'll be running new episodes every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks or so, so stop by every Tuesday and check out the latest installment.  (For those of you who really love Drive Thru History, our prior Tuesday show, it will return after The Fantastic World's first 10-week run, then the two shows will alternate.)

Hurray!  New stuff to watch!

No new news about Big Idea or JellyTelly partnerships today, but stay tuned.  Lots of interesting conversations going on.  (And send a few prayers our way if you would.  We're looking at some big opportunities, and we'll have to make some important decisions.  Prayer is always appreciated!)