Okay – I'm sitting in a hotel room in very chilly Southern California getting ready to speak at a children's ministry conference in a few hours, but I wanted to get you this news as soon as possible.

First, the release date for the first two DVDs in our new series has been moved up to March 1st, so America will get to meet a whole new way to teach the Bible to kids even sooner!

Second, the preview website for "What's in the Bible?" is now up, so you can go watch a little preview trailer hosted by yours truly.  Click here for the new site, and pass the link around to your friends.

Finally, I mentioned before that I'd like to get some sample DVDs into your hands ahead of the release, and we're ready to do that now.  We've got 50 DVDs that we're going to send out to the first 50 people who request them.  Here's the deal:  If we send you a DVD, you A) need to watch it, B) need to share it with your friends or pass it around your church or blog about it or, preferably, all of the above.  As I've mentioned before, are marketing budget is not huge, and foot traffic in Christian bookstores is way down from the heyday of VeggieTales a decade ago.  So we need your help!

If you want one of the first DVDs, click here and give us your email address and your mailing address.  We'll send DVDs to the first 50 people that sign up!

Okay?  Go!