This is going to be an interesting year.  For lots of people, I'm sure, but especially for me and my cohorts at Jellyfish Labs.  JellyTelly is up and running with our partner Focus on the Family, trying out a new subscription model for financial support, and developing new programming.

Meanwhile, What's in the Bible?  – our new kids DVD series – is heading down the runway for a mid-March launch in Christian bookstores everywhere.  I can't wait to show you some clips from the first two DVDs, because this is really fun – and HIGHLY educational – stuff.  (My mother showed some clips to one of the classes she teaches at Wheaton College, and the graduate students in children's ministry said they learned things about the Bible they didn't know before.  If it can help graduate students, think what it can do for your kids!)

I'm hoping we can find a way to get pre-release copies of our first two DVDs to some of you soon.  We're discovering two things as we show the first two DVDs to friends and family:  First, they can't believe how much they learn, and second, they can't stop talking about it.  If this is going to work at all, we need to get a lot of people talking about it.  So sharing some of this stuff with you guys early is key.  Stay tuned – we'll see what we can do.

Soon, I hope!