Yeah, I know.  I haven't posted in a while.  Been… I dunno… distracted?  Busy?  Waiting for something really interesting to come along to talk about?

Yes, Obama addressing the Muslim world is interesting, but it isn't really my focus here.  Oil prices… no, not me either.  Lovely weather we're having.  But this isn't a weather blog.  I talk about Jellyfish and kids ministry and such, and I haven't had much to update you all (or "y'all" for my southern friends) about lately.

JellyTelly needs to develop in a new direction.  The "no revenue" model isn't very sustainable in the long term.  Buck Denver is having fun with his weekly show, and kids are having fun writing him questions and hearing his answers.  We probably can't charge money just for that, though, so we press on in search of a business model.  We're having some very interesting conversations in a couple of directions – creating content for DVDs and books based on all our new characters, and creating content specifically for TV/cable.  Either of these directions could give us a source of revenue (and additional ministry exposure) that could help us sustain the web version of JellyTelly as well.

Hopefully we'll have some interesting deals to announce in the next few weeks – something worth blogging about!  In the meantime, we'll keep the site up and running, Buck will keep producing his weekly show, the Fantastic World guys will keep being really, really weird.

Hey… my son graduates from middle school today!  So that's news!  The ceremony is in a couple of hours.  Off to high school with him!

Oh – here's some more news:  Some of you have complained that the new JellyTelly site layout doesn't allow you to access past days programming.  There is still a way to do that, it just isn't clear.  If you click on the "video" symbol at the top of the page, you get a list of the last 6 days programming to choose from, identified by key show.  This will be made more clear in the next iteration of the home page.  Sorry for the confusion!  (So if you're looking for Buck's show, it's debuts on Mondays, which are "Kidmo" days.  It runs again on Fridays, which are now called "Buck Denver and Hermie" days.)

Hope you're all doing well!

I'll post again soon when we have some developments to share with you…