Well, some of you may have been surprised walking into your local Christian bookstores over the last week to see Buck Denver's big face on a display full of brand new "What's in the Bible?" DVDs.  It seems the first batch of manufactured copies was sent out to stores more than a week ago, and most stores just started setting them out and selling them.  So that thing I said about "Coming March 1!" is now only partly true, since most Christian bookstores are apparently selling them right NOW, as we speak!

So… if there is a Christian bookstore in your area, swing by and ask for "What's in the Bible?"  They may be out in front in a nice display, or they may be still in the back room in a box waiting to get set up.  (My dad stopped into a bookstore in Toledo, OH and asked the manager to check in the back room, and sure enough, the box had just arrived!  So he got the first two copies sold in the fine city of Toledo!)

If you don't have a Christian bookstore nearby, check ChristianBook.com.  It's time to start teaching our kids the Bible in a completely new way!  (And don't miss the outtakes on the "Bonus Features" menu.  They're my kids' favorite part of the new DVDs.)

Okay – I have to go record next weeks "Buck's Mail Bag" for JellyTelly, then it's back to working on WITB #3!  Onward and upward!