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Episode 190: Interpreting the OT and NRB

Interpreting the Old Testament is easy, right? We just read our English translations, knowing that they say exactly what the original Hebrew said. Right? Dr. John Walton’s son Jonathan joins Phil and Christian to describe the...

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Episode 188: God and Genocide

Is God a genocidal maniac?? OT scholar Dr. John Walton is back on the show, this time to decipher the OT’s stories of Israel’s apparent genocidal rampages against the Canaanites and others. Are we worshipping a lunatic? Or are...

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Episode 146: The Lost World of Adam and Eve!

Old Testament scholar and friend of the show Dr. John Walton joins the gang to discuss his new book – “The Lost World of Adam and Eve.” Were Adam and Eve real people? Were they created immortal? And...

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