I know that's a weird heading for a post… but I'm a little antsy right now.  We just got a news report that there have been two "possible" sightings of a cougar in the western suburbs of Chicago in the last week – one last Friday and one this afternoon.  Aaaah!!  I live in the western suburbs of Chicago!  But wait – it gets worse… both sightings were in a little town called Wheaton!  Aaaah!!  I live in Wheaton!  But wait – it gets worse… both sightings were by joggers in the vacinity of Northside Park on the north side of Wheaton!!  Aaaaah!!  I'm a jogger!!  And I jog – three times a week – around Northside Park!  The very same park where cougars are apparently popping up out of the daffodils!  I ran all the way around Northside Park twice last Friday – the day of one of the "possible" cougar sightings!  Aaaah!!

"Things were going so well with JellyTelly – until Phil was taken out by a cougar."


If I don't make it back from my next jog… sniff… Bill can have the new camera… sniff…