Father's Day was last Sunday, in case you missed it.  (And if you did – quick!  Call your dad!)

In honor of this beloved yet somewhat fading holiday, I'm posting a link to a rather deep but very intriguing essay by Andrew Peach (yum!) entitled "The Demise of Fatherhood."  Okay, it isn't a very cheery subject for Father's Day, but I found it an extremely thought-provoking analysis of fatherhood in the western world, including rather stunning quotes like the following:

"… it is now possible, without the slightest exaggeration, to begin using phrases such as 'the end of the human family.'"

Yikes!  Got your attention now?  Give it a read!  Thanks to my brother Rob for pointing this out to me in the online version of "First Things," the excellent journal founded by Catholic thought leader Richard John Neuhaus.

You can read the essay here.