Okay, I had a really weird dream last night.  I could use some “interpretive” input.

For an unknown reason, I was buying some merchandise from a store full of Jewish artifacts.  Maps, charts, Old Testament stuff.  Since I’m currently writing my way through the OT for “What’s in the Bible,” I guess that part makes sense.  Kind of.

Anyway, I had my purchases, but I didn’t have a way to get them home.  Someone in the store offered to let me use their Mini Cooper.  They handed me the keys.  Cool.  I like Mini Coopers.  So I walk out to the parking lot – we’re in a downtown urban area – throw my stuff into the back of this small car and start driving.  I get kind of stuck in the parking lot, though.  It’s really tight, and I have to back up, turn, pull forward, turn, back up again, etc.  On the second or third back up, I accidentally scrape along the side of another car.  Rather badly.  Somehow my Mini Cooper isn’t as “mini” as it should be.

I look at the back of the other car, and to my horror, it’s a Bentley or similar mega-bucks luxury sedan.  Huge, beautiful, and now badly damaged.  By me.  Obviously this car belongs to someone rich and famous – someone who will now be very angry with me.  I pull over to the side as people start running out from a nearby building.  Turns out the building houses a recording studio, and the people running out are members of a very successful (fictional) Southern Gospel singing family.  So successful that they now drive a Bentley.  And they’re furious with me for messing up their ride.

This really huge guy – a member of the family – comes up to me like he’s going to punch me out.  Then the elderly matriarch approaches and he stops.  She walks right up to me, lifts her cane over her head, and starts whacking me with it.  I’m being beaten up by the elderly matriarch of a Southern Gospel family.  I’m still trying to figure out how I hit their car, so I turn back to look at my borrowed Mini Cooper and realize it isn’t a Mini Cooper at all, but rather an early 1970’s Corvette.  No wonder I scraped the Bentley!  The front end of an old Corvette is WAY longer than a Mini Cooper’s snoot!

The old lady’s cane keeps whacking against me as I ponder my next question:  How on earth could the supposed key to a Mini Cooper have opened and started this old Corvette?  Was I… set up?

Then I woke up.

So… what’s it mean?  Coming the week after I just attempted to explain the Song of Solomon to children, am I diving into the Old Testament too deeply for the comfort of… Christian Gospel singers?  With luxury cars?  Am I in danger of upsetting the “status quo?”  And which “status quo” would that be, exactly?

The more I think about my dream, the more I think it would make a very interesting scene from a low budget independent film.  (Except the “scratching the Bentley” part.  We’d have to fake that with special effects.)

So… anyone want to take that on?