So I’m spending the day today stuck in the airport in Calgary. (Yes, that’s in Canada. Western Canada.) My flight was cancelled due to “equipment issues.” In western Canada, I assume that means the wings were chewed by beavers.

Spending a day in an airport gives you time to discover new pet peeves. For example, the guy in line in front of me at Starbucks insisted on staying about six feet behind the next person in line. For no good reason. He kept a huge gap in the line, allowing me to discover that is one of my pet peeves. “Move up!” I yelled at him inside my head. I imagined myself gently pushing him forward. “It’s okay – you can be closer,” I’d say as I pushed him forward.

But of course, I didn’t do anything. I just got annoyed. And then realized that getting annoyed at something like this shows just how pampered my life has been. “Man, that really irked me. Too much space! In the line! Highly inefficient!”

I’ll let you know if I discover any more useless pet peeves before I get out of this airport…