If you're from my generation, you know the rest of that line.  For the rest of you, it's "… Underdog is here!"  Yes, it was a fun TV show.  And as of this weekend, it's a movie.  Why am I bringing this up?  Because Classic Media put two feature films into production last year that will release in the next 6 months.  The first one was "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything – A VeggieTales Movie," with Universal.  The second one was "Underdog," with Disney.  Which opened today.  Like VeggieTales, Classic Media also owns the rights to Underdog.  Hence the film.

So… is it any good?  I have no idea.  Neither does anyone else, since Disney chose not to screen the movie in advance for reviews (usually a bad sign).  So have any of you seen the film yet?  Is it any good?  Will this be a good year for Classic Media?  And, while I'm asking questions, were you offended (as "Ain't It Cool News" predicted "religious conservatives" would be) by the Underdog movie poster slogan, 'One Nation… Under Dog'?