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Episode 50: Musical Theater, Falling Birthrates & The Decline of Secularism

Is theater a form of religion?  What does modern theater (Book of Mormon, et al) say about what we believe, and how can a Christian respond?  And as if that isn’t fascinating enough, the gang then jumps into a discussion of how some demographers are predicting falling birthrates across the modern world will result in A) economic catastrophe, and B) the decline of secularism!  Hoo...

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Episode 48: Guest Mark Galli

<br /> After a lively discussion of The Book of Mormon and the ever-increasing crassness of American culture, Phil and the gang are joined by Christianity Today editor Mark Galli to discuss his feature story on near-death experiences and their recent popularity in publishing! Mark Galli is the editor of Christianity Today. He is the author of Chaos and Grace and God...

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Updated List of Phil Vischer Podcasts

You may have noticed a lack of podcasts appearing on, and we apologize for that! We’re in the middle of making some awesome new changes to the site, and some of those resulted in a disconnect between our podcast hosting service and this blog. Below is a list of the podcasts that haven’t appeared on the site, and links to where you can download them directly. Starting next week, you’ll be seeing the weekly podcast posted here on Tuesdays. Episode 40: Atheist Church, Tim Tebow & the Boy Scouts (2/26/13) A theme song sung by Yoda, then… church for atheists?  And what do Tim Tebow, the Boy Scouts and Southern Baptists all have in common?  Cap it all off with a wrap-up song that goes a little better than last week’s! Episode 41: The Oscars, Sesame Street, and the Decline of Western Civilization (3/5/13) Join Phil, Skye and Christian as they discuss the Harlem Shake and the decline of Western Civilization, plus a fascinating journey through gender issues in the Oscars, Sesame Street and beyond! Episode 42:  Jesus (TM), The Bible & Christian Music (3/12/13) An Italian apparel company is granted a trademark to the word “Jesus,” Mark Burnett’s “The Bible” miniseries takes the History Channel by storm, and an impassioned plea for the death of “Christian music” gets Phil all riled up.  All that, plus...

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Episode 43: A new pope!

A pope!  A pope!  We’ve got a new pope!  What does it mean to three Protestants with a podcast?  We’re not sure, but we talk about it anyway.  Then Skye takes us through his thoughts on the Gospel – what it is and what it isn’t, and how we sometimes get it completely...

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