The new VeggieTales movie, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, is well underway!  A few weeks ago I was down with Mike in Franklin, TN recording the voices.  Mike is doing a stellar job directing the film, and things are looking great.  He wrote a hilarious new song that takes place in a swarthy Pirate pub in the middle of the film, and the highlight of the recording session was packing a bunch of us together in the studio to sing the song in our bestest, swarthiest pirate voices.  Me and Mike, Kurt Heinecke, frequent Big Idea singer (and director of an upcoming show) Brian Roberts, plus Big Idea editors Chris Wall and John Wahba (our original Big Idea Productions editor who took a few years off to work on Jimmy Neutron and Ant Bully before joining the new Big Idea for the pirate movie), all locked in a booth, hollaring away.  It was a hoot.  (I seem to remember a video camera set up in the corner, so the recording session could wind up as a DVD bonus feature.)

Anyway, the film is coming along great.  Since it isn't constrained to following an existing story like our first film Jonah, we really had the freedom to craft the best story we could, and I think you're going to like it a lot.  Lotsa action, lotsa laughs, and a surprising amount of heart.  (Actually choked up a bit just watching the storyreel earlier this week!  I'm not sure that has ever happened before with a storyreel.)

There is a lot of other stuff going on at Jellyfish Labs… my grown-up book – Me, Myself & Bob – is headed to the printers and already got a good review in Publisher's WeeklySidney & Norman is out in stores and seems to be doing well, and my second kids book, 47 Beavers on the Big Blue Sea, is also off at the printers and headed for a release date early next year.  Then there's a bunch of other fun stuff, too.  But I can't tell you about that yet! 

Stay tuned… more to come…