The saga of Big Idea continues.  Way back in 2003, the assets of Big Idea Productions were bought by a company called Classic Media, run by two guys named John Engelman and Eric Ellenbogen.  In 2007 John and Eric sold Classic Media and the new Big Idea to a British company called Entertainment Rights, which promptly drove into a ditch.  In the year following the purchase, the share price of Entertainment Rights stock dropped by 97%.


So sort of like Big Idea Productions back in '03, the bank involved (the Royal Bank of Scotland in this case), stepped in and put Entertainment Rights up for sale to see how much of its money it could recover.  Then the Royal Bank of Scotland got into trouble, and was itself sold to Lloyds of London.  And finally, to wrap up this sordid tale of financial woe, Lloyds of London successfully sold off the assets of Entertainment Rights last week.  To whom?  John Engelman and Eric Ellenbogen.  The same two guys who owned Classic and Big Idea two years ago.

So Big Idea's new owners are Big Idea's old owners.  Interesting, huh?

What does it all mean?  What's in store for Bob and Larry?  For Mike and the others still at Big Idea after all these years?  Any implications for JellyTelly?  Dunno.  Too soon to tell.  But I'll try to keep you all up to speed as the story further unfolds.

Oh – by the way – if you attend Pepperdine University, I'll be your chapel speaker tomorrow morning.  I'm off to sunny Malibu, CA, where, learning a valuable lesson from Mel Gibson, I will not launch into any anti-semetic rants if pulled over by Malibu's finest.  (My first goal, of course, will be to avoid driving in such a way as to be pulled over by Malibu's finest.  My second goal, assuming my first goal is unsuccessful, will be to avoid ranting against any people group, semetic or otherwise.  I'm also not going to shave my head on camera like Brittany Spears.  I figure if I just do the opposite of what a major Hollywood celebrity would do in any situation, everything should work out pretty well and I'll be able to return to the Midwest unscathed.)

Jelly on…