Well, I was hoping it wouldn't turn out this way, but I was afraid it probably would.  After waiting several months for a response, I finally heard from Big Idea that they will not be participating in JellyTelly in any way.  No VeggieTales, no 3-2-1 Penguins, no Cartoon Adventures of Larryboy, no nothing.

I had a conversation a few months ago where the head of Big Idea said they felt it "would be a shame if JellyTelly launched and VeggieTales weren't a part of it," but apparently they either changed their minds on that point or were overruled by management in New York or London.  No veggies on the JellyTelly.

The reason given was that Big Idea has decided to pursue its own online initiative.  By itself.


Not at all surprising, considering Big Idea's new owners aren't really in this for ministry goals, and profit is seldom maximized by sharing with others.  Kind of sad, all the same.  And ironic.  Virtually every company involved in Christian children's media has agreed to help get JellyTelly off the ground.  Except the company I started.


Which also means my old friends at Big Idea – many of whom are really jazzed about the creative and ministry potential of JellyTelly – won't be allowed to help.


Again, I'm not particularly surprised.  Just disappointed.

What do you think about the situation?  Surprised?  Saddened?  Upset?