Well, this is interesting.  I haven't mentioned this on my site, but since last May, I have had no official relationship with VeggieTales.  The deal I signed right after Big Idea Production's bankruptcy had an option in it to renegotiate after two years, and last April I exercised that option.  So for the last eight months neither Lisa nor I have had any participation in VeggieTales (other than the Pirate Movie and that NBC thing, which were separate deals) while we tried to work out a new deal with Big Idea.  As of a month or two ago, it looked like it wasn't going to happen and Bob and Larry and I would go our separate ways.  That would have been rather sad, don't you think?  But as of last week, we finally worked it out.

So for the next three years (at least), Lisa and I will continue to voice our characters (Jr., Bob, Pa, Lunt, Archie, Nezzer, Jimmy, Phillipe, etc., etc.), and I will be heavily involved in the scripts of the new videos.  Actually, more heavily involved than I was over the last few years (the only script I really had significant input into was Lord of the Beans).  Lisa and I also worked it out that we would have enough time left over to launch some new ideas, which can happen with Big Idea, Inc. or out on our own.

 So… it's all good, I think.  This week I rewrote the next veggie script headed into production.  I'll tell you about it more later.  It's silly.

And God is showing up on NBC and Universal is excited about the next veggie movie and Madonna had to take her mirrored cross elsewhere.

What do you know about that?