Big Idea has a new VeggieTales live show touring America, and I've gotten an email or two from fans who weren't real thrilled with it.  It's a very different show than the last VeggieTales live show.  It's basically just a concert, with a teensy little story line weaved in between the songs.

The issue fans are having, though is that the first half of the concert doesn't include any VeggieTales characters or VeggieTales songs.  The first half features two live performers singing Christian songs.  Then there's an intermission, and then the veggie part happens in the second half.

Since the ads and posters don't mention only half the show being veggie-related, some fans are feeling a bit ripped off.  (One fan, unaware that I no longer run Big Idea, wrote me a fairly strongly worded email telling me I "should be ashamed" of myself.  I wrote him back.  We worked it out.  We're "buds" now.)

So I felt the need to address a few things:

First of all, I no longer have any authority over Big Idea.  If a new VeggieTales product offends you, I probably had nothing to do with it.  If it thrills you, I probably had nothing to do with it.  (Other than performing voices, which I've committed to doing as a part of my relationship with Big Idea's new owners.)  Of course, Lord of the Beans would be the exception to that, since I wrote that one.

Second, buyer beware.  The new VeggieTales live show is only half VeggieTales, and half live Christian "tween" acts.  Big Idea is reportedly tweaking the show as they go (based on feedback), so more veggie content may show up in the first half. 

Big Idea is trying to get the message out that the whole show isn't VeggieTales so people won't be confused when they see it, so I'm helping out by telling you what to expect.  A half-hour of people singing songs (with maybe some new veggie intrusions), followed by an intermission, followed by a half-hour of veggies singing veggie songs.  That's what you're getting.  If it sounds good, go for it.  Some folks are enjoying the show quite a bit, I hear.