Tomorrow (9/23) there will be no veggies on NBC.  Did they pull the plug on the show?  No, silly, Bob and Larry are being preempted by the Ryder's Cup, which they tell me, has something to do with golf.  Since limbless vegetables don't care much for golf, I won't go there.  But Bob and Larry will be back next week, and Archibald has another story from his "Big Book of Oddities" to share.  Be sure to watch in the coming weeks because Pa Grape and Mr. Lunt are going to join in the fun at Bob's house with some really weird ideas of their own.  (If you think Archie's Book of Oddities is odd, wait until you see what Mr. Lunt has up his sleeve.)

There's been a lot of talk about what has or hasn't been edited out of VeggieTales to meet network standards – and it's certainly interesting to figure out what does or doesn't pass muster in the eyes of the big TV networks – but let's focus on one thing… kids are meeting Bob and Larry on network television.  And that's really cool.