Ever wondered how Bob and Larry came to be?  How a young computer animator and a few friends with no money and no clue managed to launch the most successful direct-to-video series EVER?
Even more interesting… how did such a huge success flame-out and fall to pieces – and what role did faith and God play in what happened to Big Idea Productions and in what has happened since then to that computer animator with the big idea?
Shortly after the bankruptcy of Big Idea Productions, Phil wrote an account on this website to briefly explain what had happened to everyone’s favorite vegetables.  A lot of people really enjoyed that account – some even made it required reading for their own employees at their own ‘big ideas’.  And then some asked, “But how did it all start?  What was it like when it was a big hit?  And what did Phil learn from the entire experience?”  And Phil realized he had more to say than one website article could contain.
Two years later, here it is.  The whole story.  A tale so big, it could only be called Me, Myself & Bob.  If you thought VeggieTales and Big Idea were interesting to watch from the outside – whoo boy!  Strap yourselves in for the real adventure!

(For the unedited "lost chapter" of Me, Myself and Bob, visit here.)