The Phil Vischer Podcast Archive

Welcome to the Phil Vischer Podcast archive! Here you can find a list of all of the podcasts that Phil and the team have ever made, grouped by month, for easy access to the whole archive. February 2016 Episode 187: Superbowl, Ads, and Lent! Episode 186: Politicians, Religious Freedom, Christianism January 2016 Episode 185: Beards, Chess, Aliens, and Trump Episode 184: Hezekiah, Satan, Pants, and King! Episode 183: American Politics Read More...

Episode 185: Beards, Chess, Aliens, and Trump

Why are British pastors growing beards? Why can’t Muslims play chess? Why are all the space aliens dead? Why are there seven buckets of evangelicals? (And which bucket likes Donald Trump??) You’ve got questions – we’ve got answers! Sort of. (Audio Only)  

Episode 183: American Politics

This week’s podcast is audio only as we kick off a year sprinting toward the presidential election … While some believe the Republican party is in trouble, others believe the Democrats are facing even bigger, issues. Join Phil and the gang for a fascinating conversation about education, equality and politics in America!  

No Podcast this Week

No podcast this week! Schedules and family events have conspired against our intrepid trio and thwarted their efforts to appear on camera together. Dash it all!! Phil, Skye and Christian will be back next week with a special guest!

Episode 180: Planned Parenthood and Police Protests

Phil and Skye react to the Planned Parenthood shooting and protests against police violence in Chicago, plus the age-old question of “What is a religion?” has one women successfully wearing a spaghetti strainer on her head for her driver’s license picture! This week on the podcast!