The Phil Vischer Podcast Archive

Welcome to the Phil Vischer Podcast archive! Here you can find a list of all of the podcasts that Phil and the team have ever made, grouped by month, for easy access to the whole archive. September 2014 Episode 119: The NFL, the Dalai Lama, and Bill Maher! Episode 118: British Values, Neuroscience, and Discipleship?! Episode 117: The VMAs, Religion, and Marriage! August 2014 Episode 116: Robin Williams, Mark Driscoll, Read More...

Episode 117: The VMAs, Religion, and Marriage!

It’s been a year since Miley Cyrus made “twerking” a part of awkward dinner conversations everywhere, and Phil forced himself to watch the VMA Awards to see what the kids are up to this year. Plus, does religion actually hurt marriages? Say it ain’t so, Joe! This week on the podcast!   Listen to the episode |

Episode 114: Live from Okoboji with Scottie May and John Stumbo!

Recorded in front of a very enthusiastic audience at the Okoboji Bible Conference in Arnolds Park, Iowa, this special episode tells the story of Phil’s great grandpa and the founding of the conference with Phil’s mom Scottie May, plus president of the Christian & Missionary Alliance (Phil & Skye’s denomination) John Stumbo tells his incredible story and talks about the future of denominations. (As this podcast was recorded remotely, it’s Read More...

Episode 113: Christian Films, Fact, and Fiction!

Should Christian films be free? Should we ignore all scientists? Do religious children lose their ability to sort fact from fiction? And why is our favorite Satanist jumping on the Hobby Lobby bandwagon? This week on the podcast! (This episode was edited to remove a story that was later shown to be untrue.)   Listen to the episode |